Jesus has offered an alternative to marriage. It can be a great help and a blessing to people who want to live in obedience to his commands. First of all, Jesus was never married. It would have been inappropriate for God to get married to a human being. That would have raised all kinds of ugly issues. For example, when they had children, you would now have a half-child of God. Kind of like Hercules was in Greek mythology. And then you would have people worship his wife and children much as the Roman Catholics worship Mary the mother of Jesus, whom they call “the queen of heaven”.

However, Jesus was not without the companionship of women in his life. He didn’t have any romantic relationships with women, and certainly not any sexual ones. He did have the companionship of godly and holy women.

Luke 8:2-3 “And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils, and Joanna the wife of Chuza Herod’s steward, and Susanna, and many others, which ministered unto him of their substance.”

Notice that they were the women that he named plus MANY OTHERS who followed him. The entourage that followed Jesus had the twelve apostles, the other seventy disciples, and many women. I imagine there were sometimes more and sometimes less people at different times.

Luke 24:10 “It was Mary Magdalene, and Joanna, and Mary the mother of James, and other women that were with them, which told these things unto the Apostles.”

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Mark 15:40-41 “There were also women looking on afar off: among whom was Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James the less and of Joses, and Salome; (Who also, when he was in Galilee, followed him, and ministered unto him;) and many other women which came up with him unto Jerusalem.”

So again we see Jesus with many women who accompanied him. We have seen it at the beginning of his ministry, in the middle of his ministry, at the end of his ministry, at his crucifixion, and after his resurrection. All through his ministry he had many women who followed him. Only the men were officially called disciples, but there were many women who did exactly the same thing.

It appears that the men were the disciples who did the preaching, the crowd control, performed miracles, and who ran errands. The women were the helps ministry who gave unto him of their substance. All these people lived out of doors. Who do you think cooked their food for them? My guess is that it was the women.

There seemed to be a very special place for Mary Magdalene in the life of Jesus. She sat at his feet and heard his teaching at her home with Lazarus and Martha present. She washed his feet with her tears and dried them with her hair as an act of repentance. She anointed his head with costly ointment in preparation for his burial. She was the first one that Jesus appeared to after his resurrection. And she was sent with the very first Gospel message to tell the apostles that Jesus had risen from the dead.

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It appears as if Mary Magdalene occupied the position of companionship that a wife would have done. They were not married and they did not have a sexual relationship, but the emotional and intellectual place a wife would have had, it appears that Mary occupied this position. She did things for Jesus that no other woman is credited with having done. And he rewarded her with being the very first person to see him after his resurrection. It was a pure and holy relationship, but a unique one none the less. And if there had been any inappropriate behavior between them, the Pharisees would have stoned them to death. So we know 100% that it was a pure and holy relationship. Jesus was 100% God and 100% man. He was God in a human body. As such he had emotional needs just as any other human being had. Mary Magdalene was loved by Jesus.

John 11:1-5 “Now a certain man was sick, named Lazarus, of Bethany, the town of Mary and her sister Martha. (It was that Mary which anointed the Lord with ointment, and wiped his feet with her hair, whose brother Lazarus was sick.) Therefore his sisters sent unto him, saying, Lord, behold, he whom you love is sick. When Jesus heard that, he said, This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby. Now Jesus loved Martha, and her sister, and Lazarus.”

Correct me if I’m wrong but the Gospels only specifically say that Jesus loved his disciples unto the end, the rich young ruler, and Martha, Mary, and Lazarus. Mary Magdalene belonged to a very small group of people that the scripture specifically says that Jesus loved. There are only 16 people included in that group. This is just another piece of evidence in favor of the point being made, that Mary held a very special position in the life of Jesus.

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Now here is where this all applies specifically to us today. Jesus in his teaching prohibited divorce and remarriage for every reason except one. The one exception is if the woman commits sexual immorality against the man. For any other reason than just that one, if a divorced person remarries, both they and the person that they marry become adulterers. The modern church has many adulterers and adulteresses among their ranks.

Many have argued that Jesus has condemned men and women to a life of solitude and suffering because of this, and therefore he cannot possibly have meant what he said literally. I tell you that he did mean it literally. And I also tell you that he has committed no one to a life of loneliness and suffering because of it. He has provided a way for people to be able to live a very fulfilling life without committing adultery.

Matthew 19:9-12 “And I say unto you, whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, commits adultery: and whoever marries her that is put away does commit adultery. His disciples said unto him, If the case of the man be so with his wife, it is not good to marry. But he said unto them, All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given. For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb: and there are some eunuchs which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.”

A eunuch is a man who has had his testicles removed. He then is incapable of having sex. Kings made men into eunuchs to protect their wives and concubines. They only trusted the eunuchs because they couldn’t have sex with their women. Jesus also said that men had made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. A man who desires to live alone should have his testicles removed in order to remain pure and holy in thought and deed. If the Catholic Priests had done this there would have been no scandals of priests being homosexuals, or engaging in sexual encounters with women. They disobeyed Jesus and look what happened. Jesus holds the key to all wisdom.

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Now let’s take this a step further. There is no scripture in the entire Bible that says it is a sin for two people to fall in love. A man can love a woman and it is not sin. A woman can love a man and it is not sin. What is sin are lustful thoughts and committing acts of fornication, adultery, or worse. So if a man becomes a eunuch he can live with a woman, be in love with her, enjoy her companionship, and not commit sin in doing so.

Therefore no one is condemned to a life of loneliness and heartache. A divorced woman and a divorced man can fall in love, live together, and enjoy a fulfilling life together IF THE MAN BECOMES A EUNUCH. As long as no sexual immorality is committed, there is no law or command against the two of them doing this. There is only the social taboo to be dealt with and overcome. Our society today is Anti-Jesus. What Jesus gave as a blessing to hundreds of thousands of people, or possibly to millions of people: modern society and the church are staunchly against it.

It comes down to this. Who is bold enough to act against the social norm but in accordance with the teaching of Jesus? It will mean freedom and happiness for them if they do it.