Guru : Definition { An intellectual or spiritual guide or leader. Any person who counsels or advises; mentor: a leader in a particular field. }

This is the definition by which I use this word, not it’s Hindu meaning. By the definition that I use this word, we all need a Guru. Life is tough and there is a lot to learn, we all could use some help along the way. We also need to exercise great caution in our selection of a Guru. We need someone who knows the way to victorious living in Christ Jesus. It should be someone who has been through a lot of struggles and hardships, and who has found the way back out.

In the Bible the term for Guru is Master, and the follower is called a disciple. Some disciples chose a good Master and others did not. John the Baptist was a Master and had disciples. John was called the greatest prophet born of women. He came to proclaim the coming of Christ and to prepare the way for him. He is the one who recognised Jesus as being the Christ, and the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. John had the privilege of baptizing Jesus and seeing the heavens opened, and the Holy Spirit descending upon him in the form of a dove. John was an excellent choice for a Master. However, John wore camel’s hair clothing and his food was wild honey and locusts. His lived in wilderness areas and camped out. By today’s standards John would be considered a homeless man. Yet no other prophet ever existed that was greater than he.


Jesus also was Master and had his group of disciples. Jesus was the very best choice of a Master that anyone could ever make. Jesus was God made flesh, he performed the greatest of miracles ever seen by mankind. He was the Heavenly King who came to establish his kingdom and to teach the laws that governed his kingdom. His disciples had to leave home, family, jobs, and security to follow Jesus. Both Jesus and his disciples were homeless and lived by prayer and faith. God provided their every need, but they walked everywhere they went or travelled by small ship. They had only the clothes on their back and had no possessions.

The Pharisees were also Masters. They encompassed land and sea to make disciples. But once they were converted they made them twice the children of hell that they themselves were. The Pharisees held important positions in governing the people and in religion as well. They were highly esteemed among the people. But outwardly they were beautifully adorned and desirable, but inwardly they were filled with rottenness and dead man’s bones. They were a very bad choice for a Master.


The outward appearances can be very deceiving in choosing a Guru. The two best Gurus of all time were Jesus and John the Baptist. But they were poor and homeless, sleeping out of doors and eating common food. They did not hold any political or religious office, and were despised by those who did. By all appearances they were crazy men. Jesus’ own relatives thought that he had lost his mind, and the Pharisees said that he had a devil. John was also likewise considered to be crazy. Both of them were unfairly arrested and then put to death.

The Pharisees were rich and very important men. Outwardly they seemed to be wonderful Gurus to follow as a disciple. They were the rulers of the fabulous temple in Jerusalem and they frequently consorted with the Roman governor. But the outward appearance of things are deceiving, and these very same men falsely convicted Jesus of blasphemy, and delivered him to be crucified. So in choosing a Guru, don’t be deceived by the rich and glamorous television preachers and teachers. Like the Pharisees, they are not what they appear to be.

In choosing a Guru be prepared to consider a homeless type person as both Jesus and John the Baptist were. Don’t look too carefully at the outward appearances, but look at the heart. Jesus said that by their fruits you shall know them. A holy, righteous person doesn’t live in sin, is honest, does not lie, has an aura about them conveyed by their words and facial expressions, especially the eyes. They are transparent. They allow everyone to see how they live and to see exactly what and who they are. Their motto is, “What you see is what you get.” Most importantly they will always lift up Jesus, and both teach and obey the commands that Jesus taught and commanded.


Most importantly cry out to God day and night to give you eyes that see, ears that hear, and a heart that understands. Ask continually for his mercy that you will be delivered from deception and lies. Ask him sincerely and fervently for the Guru that he desires that you have. Keep at it and he will provide the person that you need. Remember that discipleship was Jesus’ idea, and that he commanded his followers to go into all the world to teach all nations, making disciples. We need a Guru to disciple us.

Lastly, look carefully at the New Testament and you will see that the disciples of John the Baptist, of Jesus, and of the Apostles LIVED with them. A true Guru will spend a lot of time with you. The present system of pulpit ministries is not making disciples at all. The pastors of these large churches are not even accessible to the church attenders, and they spend very little or no time with their followers. The entire system is in error. Jesus never said to go into all the world and make pulpit ministry church attenders. This is not making disciples as Jesus commanded. So find a Guru that is accessible to you. Whether in person or over the internet. They need to be there to help you with your questions and problems.