Old Hymns #1

If we would really take a look at the lyrics of the old hymns we would be alright in our theology. We are presently part of a backslidden and worldly church. The old hymn writers for the most part were solid saints who knew their Lord intimately. We need what they had very desperately today. So I will begin a series of messages which will be lyrics to old hymns both studied and meditated. I do it for my own spiritual meat and drink as well as yours. I will give credit to A.W. Tozer through whose writings I learned the importance of hymns. I also credit Hymnary.org for providing photostatic copies of old hymnals on their website. All of the hymns that I will be sharing have come from them. My thanks to Pinterest.com for providing the means to store these old hymnal pages in my own collection to be used at will. I hope that you enjoy these studies as much as I enjoy preparing them. Since the hymnal pages contain partial hymns at times, there will be a mixing of partial and entire hymns put forth page by page. Enjoy and God bless.

Tells me whate’er My God demands,

Is his most righteous due.

 To be a Christian, the very first thing to learn is that we have a heavenly Father, and a Lord Jesus Christ, who are very demanding that their will be obeyed by their children. Today the church focuses on the relationship of the believer to the Father and to Jesus, but places little or no importance on the commands given to disciples to obey. They claim that we are saved no matter what we do or do not do. We do not need to obey the Father or Jesus to be saved and to have eternal salvation. We are saved totally by grace and we have to do absolutely nothing to be saved. This doctrine is heresy and has created the mess that we find the modern church in today. It has condemned untold millions of people to hell. The modern church is not Christian at all for they do not obey the doctrine, commands, and the example of Jesus Christ. They indeed rebel against these and they reject them.

The heart of a true believer and child of God is, “Tell me whatever my God demands”.  The true disciple loves his Father and Lord Jesus unconditionally. He is so grateful to be forgiven of his sins, that he desires to do and obey every word that comes out of the mouth of his Lord and God. There is a debt of gratitude. There is a zeal and fervent desire to do and complete the will of God in this earth. As a disciple of Jesus Christ it is my desire to know what Jesus said and to obey it. I’m completely serious about it and make it a solemn oath of commitment. 

“Is his most righteous due”. God is God, he is king of kings and lord of lords. He is the one and only God, besides him there is no other. He created me and he saved me from my sins by suffering, shedding his own blood, dying, going to hell, and rising from the dead. As God, it is his most righteous due that every created being worship and obey him. Obedience to his will and complete devotion and love, are what are due him. I place myself in complete agreement with his will and I obey. I surrender my will to him and I make his will my own will. I willingly take up my cross and follow Jesus.

Reason I hear, her counsels weigh,

And all her words approve;

But still I find it hard t’obey,

And harder yet to love.

Reason I hear. What am I listening to during each day? What is going on in my thoughts? We all have a continual procession of thoughts going through our heart and mind. What do we outwardly listen to? To television, radio, the internet, news, gossip, sports, business, worldly cares, and other earthly things? The voice of the Lord’s reason is always speaking and is available to anyone who will listen. To hear that voice of reason, it is necessary to stop listening to worldly things. It requires discipline and hard work to accomplish this. It is neither easy nor is it free from dedicated effort in the accomplishment of this most noble goal.

Her counsels weigh. The voice of reason is speaking and counselling us to repent and obey the will of God. Any other voice than this is not the voice of the Lord. So many professing Christians today do not know the voice of Jesus Christ. They claim to hear from God, but what they say is in contradiction to what Jesus said and taught, and so cannot be the voice of Jesus. Jesus is in complete agreement with himself and the words that he spoke in the Bible. He will not say anything different than what he already spoke in his written word.

So we are to weigh her counsels. This requires first hearing and listening carefully to the counsel spoken by the Lord. We are to compare it to what we think and what others say on the subject. We enter into deep thought, which is meditation. This does not come easy at the beginning for those who have never done it. It requires time and closing yourself off from the things of this world. By doing all of this the counsels of the Lord are weighed by us and we accept them as our own. This is a mind renewal process. Doing it daily will produce great change in your life over time. It requires effort and discipline. Those seeking a quick fix need not attempt it.

And all her words approve. When the process is complete, you will approve of all of these words and counsels. At first they are new and foreign to you, and you may be against it. But over time as you continue, you will begin to adopt these thoughts and these counsels as your very own. You will begin to practise and obey them on a daily basis. They will become your very own and in a very real sense they become YOU. Whatever you continually focus your attention upon and meditate on will soon become your own beliefs and will govern your life. So be wise and choose the message contained in these old hymns to be the foundation of your faith.

But still I find it hard to obey. I love the brutal honesty of this hymn. I find comfort in the fact that I’m not the only one who finds it hard to obey. We are all in flesh bodies and have the fallen nature to contend with and to conquer. It is a day by day struggle to keep the flesh under and to walk in the spirit. I have to confess that some days I do better than other days. Sometimes I’m walking really close to the Lord and living in victory. At other times it is a struggle. Yet through it all there is always something on the inside of me that draws me closer to God. Just as there is something that tries to draw me back into the world, so there is also something that draws me out of the world. There is a continual struggle and battle going on inside of each of us, and it will continue as long as we are in these flesh bodies.

There is an old American Indian story of a grandfather telling his grandson that there is a white wolf and a black wolf living inside each of us. They are always fighting with each other. The grandson asked his grandfather which wolf will win the battle. The grandfather answered that it is the one who gets fed the most. And so we need to feed our spirit man a healthy diet of old hymns to keep him strong and in victory.

And harder yet to love. As hard as it is to obey, it is harder still to love. Love does not come naturally to us. The fallen nature is to be selfish, unforgiving, and hateful. It is a constant struggle to walk in love with my fellow men. I have to work at it. If you think that I’m mistaken, then stop feeding your spirit and feed your flesh with television and other secular things, and watch how quickly your love seemingly evaporates and you demonstrate the characteristics of the flesh. The purpose of the Christian life is to be overcomers. In the midst of this fallen world, with the devil, demons, and all of the temptations, we are tested and challenged to overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil. Only the overcomers will inherit eternal life in heaven. Nature teaches the survival of the fittest and it mirrors the spiritual world. Only the strong who have diligently worked at developing their spiritual nature will be overcomers. For many are called but few are chosen. Your decision of how to spend your time here on this earth determines whether or not you will be chosen.

How long, dear Saviour, shall I feel

these strugglings in my breast? 

This mirrors the cry of my own heart. How long dear Saviour until this time of struggle is over? It seems to go on forever, but it will not. The graveyards are full of people whose struggles and toils here on earth have ended. The day will also come when we will join them. My heart cries, “Come Lord Jesus to judge this world and to establish your kingdom upon the earth”. I long to go to heaven. Those who enjoy this present life walk far from the Lord. Those who walk close to the Lord long to go to heaven. They long to be free from this body of flesh and to enter into glory. This earth is not my home, my home is in heaven. I am a stranger and a pilgrim here in this earth. This earth is my time of exile far from my homeland in heaven. However, the modern church likes it here on earth and are in no hurry at all to go to heaven. This clearly demonstrates that they have grown lukewarm or even cold in their heart. The modern church is clearly the Church of Laodicea spoken of by Jesus in Revelation chapter three, and is in danger of being vomited from the mouth of Jesus into hell, unless they repent.

When wilt thou bow my stubborn will,

And give my conscience rest?

Do you still have trouble with a stubborn will? I certainly do. It takes continual work and struggle to keep your will subjected to the will of God. It will only be when the Lord delivers us from this body of flesh that the stubborn will, shall be bowed once and forever. In the mean time it is necessary to get on our knees and bow down our will before the Lord, and pledge our allegiance to him. You see, the life of a disciple is one of constant discipline and the bowing of our will to accept his will as our own. It takes all of our time and attention to be completely victorious in this endeavor. This is why Jesus commands his disciples to sell what they have and to give to the poor, to quit their jobs, to live by faith, and to work full-time for Jesus. By doing this our time is freed up to pursue the Lord completely. Few in this time of Laodicea are willing to do this. Are you willing to do it? Your eternal destiny depends on whether you do or do not do it.

And give my conscience rest. I don’t know about you, but my conscience is ALWAYS burdened by the fact that I do such a poor job of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. People today want the conscience to be silenced and to enjoy their lives here in the earth. That is why our modern doctrines are false doctrines. It has been said of the great saints that everyone knew that they were saints but themselves. The closer that I walk with the Lord the more wicked and sinful that I see myself. The closer to the light that I draw, the better that I see my own deplorable condition. I acknowledge the victories won, but my conscience is burdened by the sinful traits, thoughts, and actions that still remain. I long for the day when my conscience will have rest. Only the blind and the deceived have a clear and silent conscience while here on this earth. When someone becomes a true disciple of Jesus Christ, their conscience comes alive. They compare themselves to the holy commands that Jesus taught and they see how utterly depraved that they really are. Only those who abandon the commands of Jesus Christ can deceive themselves to have a clear conscience. And that is exactly what the modern church has done. They have abandoned the doctrine of Jesus Christ and have built their lives upon false teaching and doctrine.

By thy Spirit, Lord, reprove,

All my inmost sins reveal.

It is man’s nature to be easy and forgiving on himself. Yes, there are regrets and we many times condemn ourselves for past mistakes. All of us would like to go back in time and correct our errors. But when it comes right down to it we forgive ourselves, overlook our faults and failures, and expect God to also forgive us and to allow us to enter heaven. Otherwise we could not live with ourselves, much less find any measure of happiness at all.

To really see ourselves for what we truly are, we need the Spirit of God to reprove and to reveal all of our inmost sins. The blindness must be removed from our spiritual eyes. There is a haze and a veil that has covered our spiritual eyes. I remember in 1994 when two black discs came out of my eyes and flew out of sight off into the distance. They weren’t physical because I was driving a car at the time and they passed through the windshield. From that moment on I saw the church for what it was, a lukewarm, sin-filled, Laodicean, false church. I could never return to my former belief system. Once the blindness is removed it’s permanently gone.

There is a Bible doctrine called prevenient grace. It means that before man can make a step toward God, that God had to have first done a work of grace in the heart of that man to allow him to do it. In other words, God is always the first to move before a man can do anything by himself. Jesus told the disciples, “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that you should bear much fruit, and that your fruit shall remain”. So it must first be the Holy Spirit who reveals and reproves our inmost sin, before we can repent and turn to him.

Sins against thy light and love

Let me see, and let me feel;

Every sin that we commit is against God himself. We sin against his light and love. Remember that God is light and God is love. So when we sin against his light and love, we sin against God himself. It should be the plea of a disciple’s heart to “Let me see, and let me feel”. Our desire should be to see our sin and our offense against God. Also to FEEL our sin and our offense against God. Because until we see our sin for what it is and until we feel it, we will not repent and change.

Sins that crucified my Lord,

Sins against thy precious blood.

Jesus was not crucified for any sin or rebellion of his own. He was crucified for our sins and rebellion. He was crucified for my sins. I am the guilty one, it was me.

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