All writers have varying degrees of talent. Some have been gifted from birth, and others are only gifted with the desire and love of writing. I enjoy reading many different authors on a wide variety of subjects. Some capture me when I’m in a certain mood, others speak to my intellect, and some to my religious or political views. But the writer who can truly move me to action or tears is rare indeed. To truly move another person it is necessary to speak from the heart. All that is inside comes gushing out through words. Like an artesian well the flow of what’s inside never ceases.

Jesus gave some really good insights into this. One of my favorites is “If your eye be single, your whole body shall be full of light, but if your eye be evil, your whole body shall be full of darkness.” This of course is differentiating between singleness of purpose, and double or multiple purposes. When the heart’s seeing is focused like a laser beam, that is when there will be power in your words. A great writer is not made from a great personality or a winning personality, although that can certainly be helpful. It isn’t even necessarily having talent, because many have never taken the time to fully develop that talent.


What truly moves people is the ability to put yourself into your words. I recently discovered a young lady with the ability to inject her fine womanhood into her every word. Her words are powerful and go straight to the heart of her readers. Great writing takes time. The best preparation, in my opinion, is to develop character and a fine manhood or womanhood. Maybe I’m a romantic, but many people still appreciate the good, clean, and pure qualities of strong men and women.

Another requirement is to acquire the art of meditation. I’m not speaking of transcendental meditation or yoga, but the ability to concentrate your thoughts until you reach deep thought. That is where things become clear to you. You begin to know yourself and the values that you treasure the most. What you write needs to be aligned with your values, and your personality, if your words are to have power. Great thinkers make great writers. The great philosophers like Plato and Aristotle sought to live in the mental and spiritual realm of thought as much as humanly possible. They shunned many of the activities of the physical realm, giving preference to the inner realm. Therefore their words are still read, studied, and revered even to this day.


One of the writers who has had tremendous influence on people throughout many centuries is Hans Christian Anderson. He used to go out back of his house and spend days upon end just daydreaming. People thought that he was crazy, or at least weak minded. But the end result was that he wrote some of the most beloved children’s stories of all time, influencing the development of children for many centuries. Who can forget “The ugly duckling” or “The frog prince”? If Hans had not spent many years daydreaming, which is a form of meditation, he would never had written those children’s stories.

So it is not just speaking and writing words that will move people, but the time spent fully developing and understanding the underlying thoughts behind those words. You must first fully know the subject upon which you are writing. Even fiction writers have to interact with their characters and the world in which they live. Great writers must be well informed experts about their subject matter, in whatever field of writing that they may embrace.


Passion is another necessary quality. We need more passionate people who shout their message through their written words. What you write about should never be just a passing thought or a whim, but the very fiber of your being. You have to BELIEVE in what you write about. It must be as a close companion or a bosom pal. Unless you first excite and convince yourself, you will be unable to stir your listeners to action. Passion is felt by your readers and it hits the mark deep in their heart. Do you want to influence people and win them as friends and supporters to your cause? Then take the time to become obsessed with your subject matter. It must become the sights, and sounds, and smells, and taste, the feeling, and the emotions of your thought life. You must so fill yourself with your subject matter that it can do nothing less than explode in the fury of an erupting volcano. First build the inner pressure and the heated eruption will take care of itself. People don’t like cold soup, they want their soup served piping hot.

And then there is the need to just write. I played with writing all of my life, but I never became passionate about it. About four months ago I made a quality decision to start writing like it was my job. I have put hundreds of hours into the past four months. I am amazed at how much my writing has improved. I’m not after greatness, but just great improvement. And like the army I want to “Be all that I can be.” Writing is now my passion and my purpose in life. I have decided to pay whatever price is necessary to have the free time to write 8-12 hours per day. I have a series of messages that I am passionate about and I will get them out to the best of my ability.


You are probably thinking that I must be rich or at least have a pension, or maybe be on disability. That is far from the truth. I have almost nothing. I help elderly people and gather food to feed needy people in my community. I prepare messages and I share my faith with others. I trust God to supply my needs and the basic needs are always met. I have given up comfort and many nice things to free myself from having monthly bills to pay. I am passionate about my writing and I have literally paid the ultimate price to achieve my dreams and goals. I can now write more in one month than I could in a year before. So I in the past 4 months I have gained about 4 years in writing experience. It will continue in great increments as time goes by. My decision is not a line drawn in the sand, but it is chiseled in granite. I am sold out and totally dedicated. So the laws of success dictate that one day I will succeed in my endeavor.

Enough about me. Do you know that most people never find their true calling in life? And many others know what their calling is but are too afraid to launch out and achieve their goals? Do you know that if you will make the necessary changes to free up your time to write, that you can become a successful writer? And that you will become passionate and “ON FIRE” about it? I want you to succeed. You have great potential in you. You are created in God’s image and likeness and therefore possess great creative ability inside of you. It may still be untapped, but you can begin to tap into it now. By understanding the necessary steps to take and the principles that govern them, you can achieve anything that you want to in life.